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Source code for begin.utils

"""Utility functions for begins"""
from distutils.util import strtobool as _tobool
from argparse import FileType as tofile

[docs]def tobool(value): """Convert a string representation of truth to True or False. True values are 'y', 'yes', 't', 'true', 'on', and '1'; false values are 'n', 'no', 'f', 'false', 'off', and '0'. Raises ValueError if 'value' is anything else. """ if isinstance(value, bool): return value return bool(_tobool(value))
[docs]def tolist(value=None, sep=',', empty_strings=False): """Convert a string to a list. The input string is split on the separator character. The default separator is ','. An alternative separator may be passed as the 'sep' keyword. If no string value is provided a function is returned that splits a string on the provided separator, or default if none was provided. Any empty strings are removed from the resulting list. This behaviour can be changed by passing True as the 'empty_strings' keyword argument. """ def tolist(value): result = value.split(sep) if not empty_strings: return [r for r in result if len(r) > 0] return result if value is None: return tolist return tolist(value)